Our attorneys are experienced in all types of divorce from the uncontested to the most complex.


Often the most traumatic event a family will face, rest assured that the attorneys at Beckett Law Office, P.C., will handle your divorce with compassion and efficiency. Our attorneys will review your family’s financial situation and work with you to ensure that all assets and liabilities are accurately valued and divided. From valuing the family home to valuing business interests, complex pensions and stock options, our attorneys will diligently assist and guide you every step of way. Starting with your first consultation, you will get an overview of what to expect.


Whether you are at the beginning of a divorce, seeking modification of custody after a divorce or in the middle of a paternity case, Beckett Law Office, P.C., has skilled attorneys who can help you establish a new parenting relationship that secures the involvement of both parents while never losing sight that the focus must always remain on what is in the best interest of your children. Our attorneys also have significant experience handling more complex issues: removal of the child from the State of Illinois, substance abuse or mental health issues, international custody disputes including cases involving the Hague International Treaty on Child Abduction, custodial rights of grandparents or other third parties, disputes over medical treatment, religious upbringing and education, as well as emergencies such as child abduction or abuse. Whatever your need, we are ready to advocate for you with understanding and expertise.

Child and Spousal Support:

The attorneys at Beckett Law Office, P.C., understand that family finances are especially stretched when family members live in two homes. The fair restructuring of the family budget and reallocation of the family income is crucial. Our attorneys will work with you to identify all sources of family income and to secure an equitable division for all members of the family. We strive to put Illinois’ child support and spousal maintenance laws to work for you.


Download a Financial Affidavit form and instructions (pdf, 439 kb)